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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the new and the old, the final countdown underway at the shutdown of the bay bridge. it is supposed to take five days and it has taken 24 years to get here after the 1989 earthquake damaged the bridge. good morning, everyone. hundreds of thousands of commuter are making alternate plans to get around hopefully dug the closing. caltran and c.h.p. has planning do do before everything shuts down and matt keller joins us from the bay bridge toll plaza.
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matt? >> traffic has been light at the toll plaza all morning long as drivers have eight to nine hours to make one final trip over the old bay bridge. the labor pains over labor day weekend end with the birth of a new eastern span of the bay bridge and drivers are ready. >> i take bart is see if i can bum a ride from the oakland station to where i work. >> have to go early across the san mateo bridge. >> caltran is preparing for the closure, crews will start striping the new bridge and move in heavy equipment including cranes into place. >> today is the calm before the storm. we have done as much as can be done before closing the bridge and getting to the sections where there is live traffic so there is a lot of presentation and planning. >> speaking of track, the chop says that the best land is to avoid the roads around the bay bridge after 7:00 tonight. officers will start doing traffic breaks in the maze in oakland and 101 north in san francisco.
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patrol cars go back-and-forth alerting drivers to reduce the speed and leading them to the detours away from the bridge. caltran will follow with electronic signs and cones marking the closures. the plan is at 8:00 the bridge will be traffic free and work begins. the inconvenience lasts five days and a new bridge on tuesday something to look forward to. >> are you excited? >> i am. i am. it will be cool. who isn't? if someone is not excited to get on the new span they are underestimating how long it has been going on. >> the chain-cutting ceremony is scheduled for monday at 3:00 p.m. and the bridge will open up to traffic by 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. >> matt, thank you, we will talk about that. after the new bridge open israel will tear down the old section dismantled piece by piece to avoid a collapse. the first section to go is the dreaded s cub and officials say
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people will notice the old bay bridge largely gone in nine months. it is expected to take two years after that to take the old bridge and foundation to the mudline. with all systems go we will look at our new camera on the island looking at view to the east but on left is the new span about to open. on the right is the s-curve of the old span we are talking about. traffic is flowing on the old stretch on right but next week it will. >> change. over the labor day weekend you can see how close the new span is to opening by checking out israel's live construction camera and we do have a link at under oh see it on tv with information on downloading our exclusive extra app to help you avoid the worst traffic spot during the closure and all the information you need on the extra services, bart, a.c. transit and the ferry are offering during the closure, we will notify you on twitter the
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moment the bridge opens so you can follow us at abc7 news bay area. >> and fairfield, fire crews are still putting out hotspots after a grass fire spread and damaged or destroyed more than a dozen homes. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo joins us from miracle drive. residents are sifting through the ashes. >> we are in the backyards of the home here so this is the sound wall, i-weight on the other side and the flames came over into the yard and this is the back of one of the homes destroyed. nothing but rubble as you can see. it still smells like smoke out here and practically everything is -- his family owned is good. he lived in the house with his mother, girlfriend, and 2-year-old girl and the fire overran the street. i thought the palm street was on fire and at that time, i went inside a house and i look out the backyard window and just smoke. no flames just smoke.
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grabbed my daughter and got her out. >> the home has been red tagged built one of five desteroid. ten more sustained damage for a total of 15. this did not start as a structure fire. flames broke out on the grass along i-80 yesterday afternoon and was over a wall into people's backyards and their homes. he lost egg. >> i picked up my guitars and they were burned to a crisp and just metal pieces. >> fire chief says 50 evacuated quickly. they were not prepared for a fast-moving fire. >> maintaining your house, defensible space, trimming the trees, nothing you think about in a city but it is relative here. >> they stayed with family and is wearing his brother's clothes today and facing a long list of chores to get his life back in order like a through driver's license and social security car. >> just trying to adjust and take day-by-day to figure this out and try to get back on our
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feet. >> as we continue to survey the damage done in some of the backyards here i can tell you in addition to the home the fire reached an at&t maintenance yard and the company lost a truck and several personal cars parked there, that were damaged the cause of the grass fire that started all of this is still under investigation. >> thank you, katie. in yosemite firefighters making slow but steady progress. right now it is 23 percent contained so is still a very long way to go. 190,000 acres have been destroyed. 4,500 residences are threatened. there is a big danger of falling trees. the fire broke out 11 days ago and the cause is under investigation. >> police have arrested two people at a vallejo elementary school after a shooting in a neighborhood. investigator say a hand was shot
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in the leg around:-- leg around 6:45 a.m. a janitor at an almostty school thought they were there. and police arrested two people, they believe one is the gunman, and neighbors her the gunshots. >> i ran and hid because i heard the shots. >> man...we heard the shots and...seeing all the police cars... >> school was not open yet weapon this happened. officials say the shooting victim does not appear to have life-threatening injuries. >> east bay residents could get a disturbing phone message but it is just a test run of a potential new emergency notification provider. residents will get a call warning them of some sort disaster and what they should do. only the resident would live near the chemical facility such as richmond chevron refinery or the shell refinery in martinez
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and registering for the alerts get the call. >> the 50th anniversary of a water shed moment in our nation's history, here is a picture now from washington, dc, and you can see oprah is speaking at this very moment and it is raining because you can see the umbrellas. president obama and civil rights activists can demands are gathering at the lincoln memorial mark, the 1963 march on washington led by dr. martin luther king jr. early today, leap rhymes sang "amazing grace." ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound jamie foxx and al sharpton also spoke this morning. >> abc7 news is joined by our reporter in washington, dc.
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>> good morning, that is oprah winfrey talking behind me and it is a tall order to try to speak as she is speaking but right now you can see that the people have all their eyes on oprah. it seems like this maybe was a little bit slow to get going but it is very humid here and this has been a lot of rain and people have to go through security checkpoints in order to come out here but, now, this is a crowd that is excited and eagerly awaiting remarks from president obama. it is impossible to miss the symbolism of the nation's first black president speaking on the 50th anniversary of dr. king's "i have a dream" speech. a lot people just happy to be here. there are so many people who were here 50 years ago who decided to come back and are paying attention right now. >> can you give us a hint as to what the president will say today when he addresses the crowd? >> president obama went out his way to say he is not going to be
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dr. king. but he wants to talk about incomedies sparety between black and white and he will talk about the poor. he has been criticized by some in the black community nor not doing enough for the poor but we will hear from the president in a limit bit less than an hour here. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the march on washington's 50,000 anniversary when president obama speaks from the steps of the lincoln memorial. abc7 news will carry a special report that expected some time after this broadcast and you can get updates throughout the bay or throughout the day on twitter@abcnews bay area. >> president obama was two years old when dr. king gave the speech. >> the united states is moving closer to action in syria. and the united nations is saying about military plans for the country. >> a bay area women whose goal
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is to change what kids are eating and recitizenning the
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>> the u.n. special envoy to sear suggests a chemical substance was used to kill hundreds of people but any military strategic on sear must have u.n. security council approval. israel is starting to call up reservists to prepare for possible action in syria.
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the secretary of defense arrived in brunei today and is pushing for closer military ties and told the british reporter that united states forces are ready to go should president obama order a strike on syria. britain says they will put forward a resolution today to the u.n. security council condemning the syrian government for the alleged attack. >> "new york times" website remains down this morning after a hacker group calling itself the syrian electronic army is claiming responsibility. the "los angeles times" reports that hackers gained access to a user name and password of "new york times" sales partner and here is what users are finding today, when trying to access the site you get a emergency say it cannot be found and "new york times" said it is able to send out digital reports and
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been down. >> now mike nicco has weather to talk about. >> we may have drizzle tomorrow but it has a short shelf life and cooler weather for the weekend. that is what we will talk about for the immediate forecast. you can see the clearing taking place as we look east from the bay bridge toll plaza and we will talk about when the sunshine gets to your neighborhood and how much warmer it will get. and an 11-year-old whiz kid who
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>> covering daly city, dublin,
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los gatos and altogether bay area this is abc7 news. >> we have a new word now, new degreesary including a self picture taken with a cell phone and another is a type of dance recently performed by miley cyrus, and "girl crush," and digital detox from facebook to twitter. who can do that? >> i did, on vacation. i unplugged. i had digital detox. >> an 11-year-old is headed to class: college. carson is a freshman at texas christian university and he is majoring in quantum physics, and says he likes numbers and they help calm him down when he is upset. he was in high school at age
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five will have a doctorate by age 20. ly mom is with him every day and carries his backpack full of books because carson is too small to lift them. >> he is too cool for school. >> two women from oakland are giving kid a healthy alternative to lunch kits. the two women are former teacher whose founded revolution foods, that turns out low salt, appreciative-free meal kits. >> we focus on creating the meal kit and putting real quality ingredients in there, high quality protein and grains and fruit knack. >> the two women have made build it yourself pizzas, and revolution foods has served 50
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million meals. >> so that means since we are doing that story it is back-to-school time. what kind of weather? >> nothing too extreme like in other parts of the country where they are closing school because it is so hot. we probably would like warm weather for the weekend as we close out some unofficially but that is not going to happen and maybe saturday, but sunday and monday are cooler. now, what is going on right now, still trafficking the low clouds with live doppler 7 hd and notice the fog, it is again right now and all of our reporting stations are doing okay although we have a let feeling in a few areas around san francisco and the coast because of the marine layer clouds. notice all the wind moving to the east but for at the coast where they are moving to the southeast, that is indicative of a good sea breeze and that is a reason why today we will be cooler than yesterday. one of the reasons we have an hour and a minute flight arrival delay status at sfo and smoke
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from the rim fire headed to tahoe and reno with poor air quality through friday and maybe saturday. can you tell where the sun is out? mountain view and san jose are 71 and 81 in antioch with mid-70's around concord and san ramon to novato at 77 and oakland is 64 getting the sunshine and san francisco is 61 and you are still, probably, an hour off as you look here from mount tamalpais you can see sausalito all in the sun but we have one finger pulling through right across san francisco and the golden gate bridge so cooler temperatures today, and mild weather through friday and then, the weekend, especially sunday and monday, that is when we will see things start to cool. check out how low the visibility is at the golden gate bridge, and one of the reasons why we have that stronger sea breeze is going to keep places like concord and oakland and san francisco and santa rosa from two to six degrees cooler. in the south bay, 80 in san jose and cupertino, mid-80's around
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los gatos and gilroy and mid-to-upper 70's and 80 this los altos and warm and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and 68 to 70's around south san francisco and low-to-mid 80's in the north bay valley and low-to-mid 70's for the east bay shore. mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley of the attorney, temperatures are in the fists to low 60's and the cloud cover will be more extensive and the moisture is not so heavy as it was this morning where we had mist and drizzle. tahoe is cleaner today than 24 hours ago and yesterday we could not ever see the water, at least now, we can, and you can see some storms billowing and i don't thing it will be a day of thunderstorms just partly cloudy conditions, poor air quality and all the way through at least noon on friday they keep extending that and they will probably do that through the weekend and smoke advisory all the way into tahoe and reno and
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that is a tough 5:00 tomorrow morning and that will be extended, also. seven-day forecast is carbon copy of tomorrow and cooling trend mound and monday and five degrees cooler as we found out the weekend. >> next, interesting stuff, me historic prank, the trick played on an office worker that had him runnin
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>> president obama is about to speak at the celebration in washington, dc and we will carry the speech in a live report in a few moments with a full wrap up at 4:00 and 5:00 and the count down clock isisming closer to the 8:00 deadline and the end of the bay bridge as we know it. another live look from our camera and we will have it covered for you from the last minute prep to the way the new bridge tower is the new landmark of the bay area. >> check this out japanese game shows have a reputation for being outrageous and cruel, a prank pulled on an office worker is a perfect example. the man can be seen casually walking down a hall and he sees the coworkers and moneying and then, a dinosaur begins chasing the terrified man.
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if you look if a second, you might have noticed an extra pair of legs and they were actually wearing blue jeans. >> poor guy! >> pure panic. thanks for joining us. another live look at washington, dc with former president jimmy carter speaking and president obama will be speaking shortly come moment rating the 50th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech.
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